Frequently asked questions

What are services provided by Kapiton Dynamics?

Kapiton Dynamics helps you with creating your elite online presence. We provide services in three categories - Online Business Consulting, Online Presence Creation and Digital Marketing to small businesses and individuals. All the services are provided online through on-site chat window or on telephonic calls.

Are your services available offline?

We currently provide offline services in three cities - Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, where our consultants / specialists visit client's site to understand the client's requirements. These visits are scheduled on weekends on need-to-need basis and are charged extra. For rest of India, our sevices are offered online and charges are included in plans opted by clients.

What duration of plans are available with you?

At Kapiton Dynamics, we believe in empowering our clients with digital knowledge and making them self-reliant. Hence, we provide the Monthly plan, Quarterly Pla, Bi-Annual Plan and Annual Plan. During these plan periods, we not only create our client's strong online presence but also guide them on know-how of each step. At the end of the plan, we hand over the credentials, required to maintain the online presence, to our clients. However, clients are free to continue the association with us and renew the subscription, at subsidized rate, for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.

How do we contact you for support and assistance?

You can chat online with us through chat services on our portal, where we are available from 10 in morning to 6 in evening on business days. You can also reach us by submitting the enquiry form on contact us page, or you can write to us on care@conveybetter.com. If whatsapp makes you feel more comfortable, then say Hi at +91-7400302034

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